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LifeTeam recognizes there is an increased demand for education in rural communities. By offering specialized courses on-site at hospitals and EMS agencies, we are assisting our healthcare partners with continuing education for their employees.

If you have any questions regarding classes offered, please contact Jodi Cregger at

Upcoming Class Schedule

January 11 ACLS (Kansas Medical Center)
January 12-13 TNCC (Jetmore)
Juanuary 16-17 PALS (Goodland)
January 18 ACLS (Aurora)
January 23-24 ACLS (Oberlin)
January 25  PEARS (Emporia)
January 25-26 ACLS (Dodge City)
February 2-3 PHTLS (Newton)
February 7-8 TNCC (Ashland)
February 7-8 ACLS (Kiowa)
February 14-15 ACLS (Newton Medical Center)
February 15 ACLS (Marion)
February 16-17 PALS (Greensburg)
February 21-22 PALS (Satanta)
February 24 ACLS (Concordia)
February 25 ACLS (Kansas Medical Center at Newton)
March 3 PALS (Concordia)
March 7 PEARS (Emporia)
March 13-14 PALS (Goodland)
March 14-15 ACLS (Newton Medical Center)
March 21-22 PALS (Dodge City)
March 27-28 PALS (WaKeeney)
March 28-29 TNCC (Aurora)
April 3-4 PALS (Scott City)
April 5 PALS (Emporia)
April 6 PALS (Ashland)
April 10-11 ACLS (WaKeeney)
April 12-13 TECC (Goodland)
April 19 OB Skills (Meade)
April 20-21  ACLS (Satanta)
April 24-25                                  PALS (Newton Medical Center)                                                                       
April 26 ACLS (KMC)
April 27 PALS (Eureka)
May 2 ACLS (Ashland)
May 3-4 ACLS (Meade) 
May 5 PEARS (Emporia)
May 8-9 TNCC (LifeTeam)
May 9 Peds Skills Day (Aurora)
May 11 ACLS (Hugoton)
May 16-17 TNCC (Hugoton)
May 23-24 ACLS (Dodge City)
June 6-7 Teen Med (Garden City)
June 12-13 TNCC (Garden City)
June 14-15  PALS(Kiowa)                                                                                                 
June 15 PALS  (Eureka)
June 19-20 ACLS (Elkhart)
June 22-24 Flight School (Garden City)
July 10-11 ENPC (WaKeeney)
July 11-12 Teen Med (Garden City)
July 18-19 PALS (Dodge City)
July 20 Rhythm Strip Interpretation (Garden City)
July 24 ABGs (Meade)
August 14 NRP (WaKeeney)
August 14-15 Skills Review (Meade)
August 24 PEARS (Emporia)
September 7-8 TNCC (Satanta)
September 12 Rhythm Strip Interpretation (Meade)
September 14-15 PALS (Garden City)
September 19-20     ACLS (Dodge City)
September 26 PALS (Eureka)
September 26-27                        TNCC (Emporia)                                                  
October 2-3 TNCC (WaKeeney)
October 5-6 ACLS (Newton Medical Center)                                                     
October 11-12 PALS (Emporia) 
October 26-27 (Garden City)
October 30-31 TNCC (Newton Medical Center)
November 7 PEARS (Emporia)
November 13-14 PALS (Newton Medical Center)
November 21-22 PALS (Dodge City)
December 11-13 PALS (Elkhart)

Flight Academy

LifeTeam sponsors a Flight School which in essence, is a "boot camp" for RNs and Paramedics and provides the opportunity to learn more about the air transport industry. The Academy is set in an intense 24-hour operation training environment and allows the students to take the critical care experience back to their communities. The Flight Academy has exceeded all expectations as an excellent educational tool that covers a wide array of air medical topics as well as flight time in both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. Apply to join us this summer at Garden City Community College June 22-24, 2017 by downloading the application and information below.

Flight School Brochure             2017 Flight School Application

FILE: Flight-School_postcard2.jpg


FILE: header-forms.gif

Flight School Application







The following link is a safety video created by the Illinois Association of Air & Critical Care Transport and the Illinois Department of Transportation. This video is for hospitals whose staff utilize hospital helipads and helicopters to transport patients and explains many of the hidden dangers that need to be addressed when working in and around this environment.

Safety Video

This online video describes standards set forth by the air medical industry concerning safety and operational procedures for first responders when working with or around helicopters at the scene of an accident.The video itself is provided via the link above to the Helicopter Association International's (HAI) web site. The video was produced for the FAA’s Aviation Safety Program and created by Lanier Media VideoProductions.

HAI Video

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